Blackjack is considered as one of the popular and most played card games in any online casino. Playing and winning a Blackjack is not at all difficult. You should always plan your move correctly and no one can stop you from winning. The most important thing you need to learn in Blackjack is how to get known with the Blackjack betting strategy. If you learn and use the strategies correctly then you shouldn’t find difficult winning the game at all.


Blackjack betting strategy is the best strategy that can be used while playing the game of Blackjack. You will find various strategies available, even if you choose one and master it then no one can stop you from winning the game.


Card Counting as it is known as is one of the famous blackjack betting strategies in which you count your cards and change your bet accordingly. The counting will always help you to keep in track of the proportion of the high cards to low cards. There are many different types of card counting systems like KO count, Hi-Opt II count etc.


The positive and negative Blackjack betting strategies are the two types of progressive betting strategies. Positive blackjack betting strategy means that everytime you win a hand, you have to increase your bet according to the fixed amount. But if you lose a hand then you are reverted back to your original bet.

Negative blackjack betting strategy is way opposite to positive blackjack betting strategy. In negative, whenever you lose a hand, you have to raise your bet by a fixed amount. The main aim of negative blackjack strategy is that if you win it will help you to cover all your losses that you suffered.


Martingale system of betting is considered as the negative blackjack betting strategy. In this type of strategy, every time you lose you have to double your bet accordingly. The advantage being if you win then you can earn lots but the main disadvantage is that you should have enough of money to keep on going if you are going through a bad losing streak.


Paroli betting system is exactly opposite of Martingale betting system and is considered as a positive blackjack betting strategy. In this type of betting system whenever you win a hand you are bound to increase your bet. If you planning to go with Paroli betting system you should always strategize you plan properly so that you begin the game properly with a mind set of how high you will raise your bet in order to continue.


Choosing a blackjack betting strategy is not at all difficult, but make sure if you choose one you will stick to it till the end of the cycle. Even if you choose one strategy and perfect it, you can still win the game and earn lots of prizes.