Blackjack is a very popular game at any casino and you need to have a proper knowledge of the game to improve the chances of your winning. You must understand the Blackjack betting strategy which will enhance your winning probability.

A number of strategies exist when Blackjack is concerned but you need to be fluent in at least one of them. It is better to concentrate on one strategy and be a master of it than looking for all those methods that exist.

The card counting is one of the popular Blackjack betting strategy and aims to provide an insight of the high and low cards you possess. In this method, you change your bet as per your cards and there are different systems exist for it like the KO count, the Hi-Opt-I count, the Hi-Opt-II count, and the Hi lo count.

Progressive betting system includes two types of betting strategies- one is positive blackjack betting strategy and the other one is negative blackjack betting strategy. In positive strategy, each time you win your hand, you increase the bet by some predetermined amount and when you lose a hand you get back to the original count.

The opposite is the case with negative blackjack strategy wherein you increase your bet each time you lose by some predetermined amount.The winning in negative blackjack strategy counters the losses made in this betting strategy.

The Martingale betting system is basically a negative betting strategy that means you increase your bet by twice you had quoted when you lose a hand. This is a dangerous betting strategy as you need to have a large finance in order to continue playing especially if it is not your day. Also, higher winning bets need to incur the losses made.

The Paroli betting strategy is a positive betting strategy of the blackjack game and it is just the reverse of the Martingale betting system. In this betting strategy, you increase your bet by a predetermined amount each time you win. You must have a proper planning of the game in order to be a winner at the end and need to decide as to how long you intend to play before you resume from beginning.

The Parlay betting strategy is again based on positive betting system like The Paroli betting strategy and each time you win a hand, you need to increase your bet by the original amount you bet with some of the profits you made.

There is another betting system which is called the 1-3-2-6 Betting system. As the name suggests, you start betting with one unit in first bet and move to three units in second betting. Then move to two units in the third one and six units in fourth betting.

It is extremely recommended that you chose a particular betting strategy and be a master of it. You must use the same betting strategy throughout the cycle and do not get driven by either the profits or the losses you incur. In fact, decide beforehand what plan you are going to follow in the game and stick to your limits throughout the game.