Blackjack game has many variations. Atlantic City blackjack is one of the most popular variations of blackjack. The game has different set of rules, so you need to understand them first.

Some Facts about Atlantic City Blackjack Game

In order to win, you need to get close to 21 and beat the dealer as early as possible. In Atlantic City blackjack, you need not cross 21.

Instructions to Play the Game

In the beginning, each player places a bet and the dealer deals the cards. He keeps two cards with him, one is faced up and other is faced down. The players decide mutually about whose turn comes first and how to play the game in turns.

Choices for Players

In Atlantic City Blackjack game, the main rule is that you should not cross the limit of 21. If you exceed this limit, you will lose the game. Each player gets some choices in this game to hit, stand, double down and divide cards into two separate hands. Once you complete your hand, the dealer makes his hole card known to you. In Atlantic City blackjack game, it is the dealer who decides whether to hit or stand.

How to End the Game?

After all the players complete their turns and the dealer reveals his cards, the game comes to an end by announcing the winner. The cards of the players are compared with the hands of the dealer to determine the winner. If a player reaches 21 hands and/or the dealer loses, the player is given the prize money as per the rules of the games.

Special Rules to Be Followed While Playing Atlantic City Blackjack

In Atlantic City Blackjack game, if the hands of the player and dealer are the same, the player does not lose his bet. His bet is returned. In original blackjack version, the payment is done on 2: 1 basis. Some casinos provide 1 ½:1. Dividing aces is permitted only once, but the remaining other cards can be divided twice. After splitting the hands, the players are allowed to double the bet. This can be done on any two card hand.

Atlantic City Blackjack game offers you betting insurance. When the dealer’s face up card is ace, the game rules allow you to place an insurance bet. Then the hole card of the dealer is checked. If the second card creates blackjack, the player is given 2:1 insurance bet. If the dealer does not produce blackjack, he will lose insurance bet. In this game, you can surrender the cards at later stage.

After reading all this information, you must have understood that the game is regulated by the dealer. He must stand on 17 hands or more and he must be able to draw 16 hands or less. Understanding the rules specific to Atlantic City Blackjack helps increase your chance of winning. Be sure to spend time to understand the rules fully.