In order to tempt customers, online casinos often offer various promotions, special offers and bonuses. These offers help online casinos to retain their customers for a long time. Additionally, these offers help to create a difference among the other casinos available online. Comps are a kind of special offer that is offered by the online casinos.

As a process of attracting customers and staying afloat in the competition all the casinos try to give something unique to all its customers. The most popular online casino tools are promotions and special offers that are used to attract both old and new customers towards the casino It is these offers that are used to create the difference between each casino. Out of the many offers that are offered by the casino, comps are one special offer.

The complimentary points that are earned in the blackjack game are called as Comps. These are generally given to the player as a form of award. Comp points are offered by most of the online casinos when the players want to play Blackjack, although the amount that the players can earn or the redemption rates are very low.

Higher returns on the slot games can be expected as far as this game of blackjack bets are concerned. In any game of Blackjack the player earns only 1 comp point when he places  a bet of $10.So basically in the game of blackjack the player cab only 0.1percent as compared to the slot games where he can earn around three 0.4 percent. The player can collectively use all the blackjack points that he has accumulated and use them once he has reached the 100 mark.

Majority of the online casinos offer $1 in cash redemption when the player has collected 100 comp points. However the minimum points needed for redemption would be different for different casinos.

While comp points are the most attractive in terms of attracting new players, other incentives like shop merchandise and free tournament tickets are offered by few casinos along with the comp points as an added incentive or bonus to existing players to retain them and also to get new players.

The black jack game is land based and it can also be played online. Comp points are offered not only to Blackjack but also to lot of other online games. When the player is playing blackjack the comp points that he earns would be directly proportional to the playing amount that he uses in the game.

As soon as the player starts betting on online blackjack he can be sure of earning some comp points. Apart from earning the basic comp points he can also try to double or triple this amount during his game as most of the online casinos offer a lot of promotions to their players from time to time. However, the players’ needs to be in touch with what is happening and try to grasp this opportunity when it is available as this would be available only for a limited period.

When the player joins the VIP Program he is awarded with comp points which are considered to be a part of the welcome bonus. The level of the player is determined by the comp points that are accumulated. For instance if your accumulated comp points are high then you would be eligible for a better and more sophisticated redemption rate. Then you will get more value for the accumulated blackjack comp points.

If the player would love to earn more cash, then it is important for him to earn more comp points as this would enable him to be eligible and also take advantage of other promotions that are offered during the course of the game. The other promotions that are offered can also help him accumulate more comp points. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. So unless you play the first game it is quite difficult to understand this. Once you get experience you will know how to accumulate various comp points.