In order to tempt customers, online casinos often offer various promotions, special offers and bonuses. These offers help online casinos to retain their customers for a long time. Additionally, these offers help to create a difference among the other casinos available online. Comps are a kind of special offer that is offered by the online casinos.

Comps or comp points in blackjack game are complimentary points, which are offered to a player as award for playing the blackjack game. Almost all the online casinos offer comp points for playing blackjack but the redemption rates and the amount that players can earn may be different.

A player can expect higher return on slots games than blackjack bets. For example, if a player bets $10 on slots games, he may earn 3 comp points. However, on blackjack he may only earn 1 comp point for a $10 bet. Thus, a player earns 0.3 percent on slots games where he earns only 0.1 percent on blackjack bets in the above example.Players accumulate blackjack comp points, which can be redeemed when the total accumulated comp points reach 100.

Most of the online casinos offer $1 in cash against redemption of 100 comp points but the minimum points needed for redemption may be different for different online casinos.

Where some of the online casinos offer comp points redemption only for cash, some online casinos offer a number of other options to the players that may include their online shop merchandise, prizes, more comp points, tournament free tickets, cash and various special events.

The casino game blackjack comes in land based as well as online casinos and other similar types of games where comp points are commonly offered to the players. You can expect to get com points in direct proportion of your playing amount when you play the game blackjack online.

Thus, you can be rest assured to earn comp points as soon as you start betting on online blackjack game. Additionally, you have the opportunity make your blackjack comp points double or triple, as almost all the online casinos offer various promotions to their players time to time. However, these offers are generally limited time offers that are available for some specific games.

It is very common to get awarded with huge comp points as a form of welcome bonus when you join a VIP program of a casino online and generally your level in the VIP program is determined by your accumulated comp points. You will get more privileged redemption rate for your accumulated comp points if you are at a high level in the VIP program and thus, when you achieve higher levels in the VIP program, you get more worth for your blackjack comp points.

If you want to more earning and cash back, you should play blackjack and earn more comp points, and take the advantage of various promotions which may offer extra comp points. When you redeem the blackjack comp points for the first time, you will understand the difference.